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    • Characterisation of stress-induced depolarisation in a DiPOLE 100J 10 Hz amplifier 

      De Vido, Mariastefania (2021)
      Experimental data on the characterisation of stress-induced depolarisation in a DiPOLE 100J 10Hz amplifier as a function of optics in the beam path, pumping power, mass flow rate, input polarisation state. Data refers to ...
    • Impact of GCIB and ANAB surface treatments on the LIDT of ceramic Yb:YAG 

      De Vido, Mariastefania; Walsh, Michael J.; Kirkpatrick, Sean; Svrluga, Richard; Ertel, Klaus; Phillips, P. Jonathan; Mason, Paul D.; Banerjee, Saumyabrata; Smith, Jodie M.; Butcher, Thomas J.; Edwards, Chris; Hernandez-Gomez, Cristina; Collier, John L. (2017-12-31)
      Thus data set contains experimental results from experiments aimed at characterising the influence of the Gas Cluster Ion Beam (GCIB) and of the Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) surface treatments on the laser-induced ...