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    • Data and DOIs related to “Laser produced electromagnetic pulses: generation, detection and mitigation” 

      Consoli, Fabrizio; Tikhonchuk, Vladimir; Bardon, Matthieu; Bradford, Philip; Carroll, David; Cikhardt, Jakub; Cipriani, Mattia; Clarke, Robert; Cowan, Thomas; Danson, Colin; De Angelis, Riccardo; De Marco, Massimo; dubois, jean-luc; Etchessahar, Bertrand; Laso Garcia, Alejandro; Hillier, David I.; Honsa, Ales; Jiang, Weiman; Kmetik, Viliam; Krasa, Josef; Li, Yutong; Lubrano, Frédéric; McKenna, Paul; Metzkes-Ng, Josefine; Poyé, Alexandre; Prencipe, Irene; Raczka, Piotr; Smith, Roland A.; Vrana, Roman; Woolsey, Nigel; Zemaityte, Egle; Zhang, Yihang; Zhang, Zhe; Zielbauer, Bernhard; Neely, David (2020-04-01)
      This repository entry is a central DOI for data related to the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) review paper titled: “Laser produced electromagnetic pulses: generation, detection and mitigation”. Data already in existing ...
    • EMP generated by high intensity ultrashort laser-solid interaction on the Vulcan Petawatt Data set 

      Carroll, David; Read, Margaret; Selwood, Matthew; Scott, Graeme; Neely, David (2017-02-28)
      The data provide is that used while generating a time-frequecny analysis method for EMP (electromagnetic pulses ) generated from a high intensity laser-solid interaction. The data set includes additional data where the ...
    • Input paramters and synthetic data for x-ray spectra deconvolution from linear absorption spectrometer via analytically reduced minimisation routine 

      Armstrong, C. D; Neely, D.; McKenna, P.; Gray, R. J.; Pirozhkov, A. S.; Kumar, D. (2021)
      The data associated with this paper is as follows; the input parameters used to benchmark the analysis routine, the code necessary to generate this input spectra and the reconstructed parameters from which the analysis ...