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dc.contributor.authorHeathcote, Robert
dc.contributor.authorAnderson-Asubonteng, Asha
dc.contributor.authorSelwood, Matthew
dc.contributor.authorSpindloe, Christopher
dc.contributor.authorBooth, Nicola
dc.description.abstractA modified uniformly redundant array (MURA) x-ray coded aperture imager and x-ray pinhole camera were used to image the soft x-ray emission from the rear surface of targets irradiated with the Vulcan Petawatt laser. The image data was captured on Fujifilm SR Imageplate scanned at 50 micron resolution. The coded aperture had a magnification of 10x with a working distance of 75 mm from the interaction. Filtering of 26 micron Aluminium was used as an optical light block as well as to attenuate the x-ray signal. The pinhole camera had a magnification of 20x with a 25 micron Tantalum pinhole with a 25 micron Beryllium filter and a working distance of 25 mm.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipExperimental time at the CLF on experiment 171100029en_GB
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
dc.titleData associated with the SPIE manuscript ‘Coded Aperture X-ray Imaging of High Power Laser-Plasma interactions on the Vulcan Laser System’en_GB
dc.contributor.funderCentral Laser Facility, Science and Technology Facilities Councilen_GB

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
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