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Methane Emissions: Remote Mapping and Source Quantification using an Open-path Laser Dispersion Spectrometer 1270
1,2-Diaminoethane 1264
Hexamethylbenzene 1189
Data for Mol. Phys. Vol. 96, p1159 (1999) 799
EMP generated by high intensity ultrashort laser-solid interaction on the Vulcan Petawatt Data set 771
Characterisation of the absorption of the zero-phonon line of Yb:YAG between 80K and 300K 543
Data used in the manuscript “Cherenkov radiation-based optical fibre diagnostics of fast electrons generated in intense laser-plasma interactions” 488
Data associated with the manuscript titled "Multi-millijoule coherent terahertz bursts from picosecond laser-irradiated metal foils" 448
NEMOLite2D Benchmark Suite 1.0 442
Neutron total scattering from solid Athasbasca asphaltenes and Athabasca asphaltenes dissolved in 1-methylnaphthalene-d10 at 25wt% measured on NIMROD 440