Data supporting the publication: "A multi-wavelength Raman study of some oligothiophenes and polythiophene."


This dataset supports the publication: A multi-wavelength Raman study of some oligothiophenes and polythiophene", (S.F. Parker et al, Physchem (2023)). The dataset consists of a README file (README_Parker-Thiophenes_Raman_dataset.txt), six zip files:,,,, and and an image file: Oligothiophenes.jpg contains the files: Bithiophene_325nm.dat, Octithiophene_325nm.dat, Polythiophene_325nm.dat. contains the files: Bithiophene_405nm.dat, Octithiophene_40nm.dat, Polythiophene_405nm.dat, Quartithiophene_405nm.dat, Sexithiophene_405nm.dat. contains the files: Bithiophene_532nm.dat, Octithiophene_532nm.dat, Polythiophene_532nm.dat, Sexithiophene_532nm.dat, Terthiophene_325nm.dat. Note that there is an approximately 11 cm-1 calibration error in the 532 nm data. contains the file: Polythiophene_633nm.dat. contains the files: Bithiophene_785nm.dat, Octithiophene_785nm.dat, Polythiophene_785nm.dat, Sexithiophene_785nm.dat, Terthiophene_785nm.dat. contains the files: Bithiophene_1064nm.dat, Octithiophene_1064nm.dat, Polythiophene_1064nm.dat, Quartithiophene_1064nm.dat, Sexithiophene_1064nm.dat, Terthiophene_1064nm.dat.

All of the Raman spectra are present as two column (wavenumber and intensity) ASCII data and may be viewed with any text reader or can be loaded into programs such as Excel or Origin to display the spectra.

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