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  • Data Supporting - Simulating micelle self-assembly to assess potential for viscosity build in surfactant formulations
    (2023-11-18) Anderson, Richard
    .agr files corresponding to figures 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the published article. These .agr files can be used to plot the observed behaviours in Xmgrace. Each .agr file contains the raw data in the plots and this can be extracted for use in other plotting algorithms. .csv file containing the data presented in table 3 in the published article.
  • NEMOLite2D Benchmark Suite 1.0
    (2017) Ford, Rupert; Appleyard, Jeremy; Porter, Andrew; Liu, Hedong
    NEMOLite2D is a stand-alone, 2D shallow-water model based on the free-surface component of the NEMO ocean model. This benchmark suite comprises several different versions of this finite-difference Fortran code, written with the aim of exploring the effect of various optimisations on performance. Serial, OpenMP and OpenACC versions are included. The suite is provided as a gzipped tar file. See the README within it for more details.