V2_3D dataset of the X-ray Computed Tomography and plugin graph results

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Chahid, Younes
Packer, Chris
Tawfik, Ahmed
Keen, Joel
Brewster, Nick
Beardsley, Mat
Morris, Katherine
Bills, Paul
Blunt, Liam
Atkins, Carolyn
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V2: This dataset is an updated version of the previous Part 2/2 (http://dx.doi.org/10.5286/edata/901). This version includes updated Part 2.c graph outputs.

Part 1/2: The first half of the dataset is composed of the Avizo plugin, which can be found in the DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.5286/edata/900

Part 2/2: This second half of the dataset is composed of the X-ray computed tomography data used in the study and their outputs. 2.a is composed of the XCT region of interest (ROI) showing the individual micro drilled holes, previously measured in the SEM. 2.b contains the isolated cube ROI used in the porosity analysis. 2.c contains the plugin graph outputs for each hole, when using the Avizo plugin.

The XCT data in 2.a and 2.b is a subvolume of the full scan of an additive manufactured flexure containing a reference pin with micro drilled holes, measured in the scanning electron microscope (SEM). The scan settings included a voltage of 145 kV, filament current of 41 µA, number of projections of 1650 and a voxel size of 8.5 µm × 8.5 µm × 8.5 µm. After reconstruction, the scan was converted from 32 bit to 8-bit, aligned to the CAD and resampled, resulting in a voxel size change to 9.4 µm × 9.4 µm × 8.8 µm. Detailed use of the XCT scan dataset and resulting plugin graphs can be found in the study titled "Development of a modular system to provide confidence in porosity analysis of additively manufactured components using X-ray computed tomography".

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